For as low as $189.95

The first portable safety device delivering dangerous air condition alerts instantly, protecting your health, home and family.

  • Real-time 24/7 Air quality & VOCs Monitoring
  • Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide Detecting
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Portable Device Monitoring for Health and Safety Wherever You Are
  • Fire Indicator Early Warning Alerts Triggered by Chemical Levels In Your Air
  • Gas Leak Indicator Early Warning Alerts
  • 7+ Days Battery Life with USB Charging
  • Audible and Push Air Quality Notifications Activated by Changing Air Condition
Office Desk with HavenGO Device

Real-time 24/7 Air Quality & VOCs Monitoring

Always-on alerts for when particulate levels are unsafe for extended periods. Alerts to open a window or move to a safe place if readings reach critical levels.

Gas Leak Indicator Early Warning Alerts

Detects a slow gas leak or burner left on at the earliest possible moment and elevates the alert if critical levels have been reached and a spark could ignite air.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Temperature detection tracks for uncommon changes in indoor air indicating issues with HVAC or need to address hazards like frozen pipes. Humidity sensors alert to unsafe conditions from mold hazards from a moist room to sinus issues with dry air.

Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide Detecting

Get an alert to find fresh air as quickly as possible with additional information on symptoms to watch for specific to CO (headache, dizziness, nausea, and chest pain) and CO2 (headache, dizziness, confusion, and fatigue, lack of attention).

The First Protable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Able to keep you safe, with industry leading safety sensors, at home or wherever your haven is.

Fire Indicator Early Warning Alerts

An immediate alarm, triggered by chemical levels in your air, alerting you to a potential detection.

More than 7 days battery life.

Real time alerts from app & device.

The strength of SAAM’s approach to air quality monitoring is spectral technology. Spectral technology was originally developed by NASA and the Department of Defense. It has existed since the 1950s but was too large and expensive for consumer products. Our team of technologists made this life-saving technology affordable to have wherever we call home.

HavenGO translates information gathered by AI and sensor fusion into actionable insights. It is constantly monitoring for the unsafe conditions of a fire or gas leak. It alerts you earlier than anything else you may have in your home, adding precious time to act and stay safe. Ongoing conditions that affect health are now known and can be remediated. Owning a HavenGO means never having to wonder if the hazards around you are hazardous to you.

Breathe smarter wherever you go with mobile real-time air monitoring.

The most advanced sensor fusion intel provides in app air quality insights, to keep you both safe & healthy.

SAAM HavenGO Mobile App View
SAAM HavenGO Mobile App View

USB charging with more than 7 days of battery life.

goes wherever you call home