Setting a higher standard for healthier, safe spaces.

SAAM envisions a world where the hazards around us aren’t hazardous to us. We deliver patented laboratory-grade technology to homeowners, renters, RV’ers – anyone curious about the space around them and interested in making it the safest it can be.

HavenGO Product Image

Introducing HavenGO™

SAAM is responsible for the award-winning HavenGO, our soon-to-be-released health and safety device.

HavenGO is the most comprehensive air quality device in the smart home market. It boasts novel sensors that go beyond current off-the-shelf options. HavenGO delivers actionable insights that keep people healthy, and sends safety alert concerns at the earliest possible moment.

Pre-order your HavenGO today to create a healthier, safe space for you and those you love whether you’re putting the baby to bed, sending a kid off to college, or traveling overseas.