Breathe smarter wherever you go with the fastest, most accurate real-time 24/7 air monitoring.


SAAM envisions a world where the hazards around us aren’t hazardous to us. By pairing laboratory-grade technology with sensor fusion, HavenGO delivers alerts faster than any air quality monitor on the market. Take it with you on the go for a smarter way to breathe and healthier, safe spaces wherever you are. 

Real-time 24/7 Air quality & VOCs Monitoring

Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide Detecting

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Portable Device Monitoring for Health and Safety Wherever You Are

Fire Indicator Early Warning Alerts Triggered by Chemical Levels In Your Air

Gas Leak Indicator Early Warning Alerts

7+ Days Battery Life with USB Charging

Audible and Push Air Quality Notifications Activated by Changing Air Conditions

Lead By Safety

SAAM Inc. began as a global leader in smart sensors for diesel truck engines. In 2019 the team pivoted and began to focus on consumer health and safety. They started with a novel idea; miniaturizing a major scientific instrument, the spectrometer. SAAM’s award-winning approach harnessed the power of laboratory-grade technology on a smaller scale. This all lead to a revolutionary, affordable, laboratory-grade product that keeps your family safe like never before, the HavenGO.